Monday, October 29, 2007

Vegoose Music Festival 2007

The 2007 Vegoose Music Festival was this past weekend (10/27-10/28). The lineup wasn't as great as last year, but we still had a good time. I do think I may be getting too old for 2 day music festivals :).

One bummer- they didn't allow professional cameras (i.e. cameras with removable lenses) unless you had credentials, so I couldn't bring my good camera and had to revert back to my 4mp Canon Powershot... but the photos are ok (just could've been better).

The lineup (*denotes bands we saw):
Gogol Bordello*
Lupe Fiasco*
Blonde Redhead*
Cypress Hill
Public Enemy*
The Shins*
Queens of the Stone Age
Federico Aubele
Iggy and the Stooges*
Thievery Corporation*
Daft Punk*

Pharoahe Monch
Ghostface Killah
Robert Randolph and the Family Band
Ghostland Observatory*
Michael Franti and Spearhead
Infected Mushroom
Umphrey's McGee*
Rage Against the Machine*

I think my favorite was Muse, a band I wasn't even familiar with prior. The program compared them to Depeche Mode, but I heard DM, some Queen and maybe some Keane thrown in there. It was probably the best set beginning to end.

It was great to see Public Enemy live. The only bad thing was they were on at the same time as Cypress Hill (bad scheduling in my opinion) so we couldn't see both.

A lot of people were looking forward to Daft Punk. I was not that familiar with their music. It was good, but I still don't get the interest in seeing Electronic music live. They don't play instruments, they wear robot disguises and sit behind a booth and who knows what they are doing, possibly pushing the 'play' button on the CD player loaded with their album. Maybe if I was drunk I would have enjoyed the performance at the end of Day 1, but instead I was tired and wanted to go to sleep. The crowd enjoyed it though.

Rage sounded great. Photos from day two are limited because we sat further back and enjoyed the music more, rather than squishing up closer to the stages.

Albums purchased at the festival: 1 - Redhead Blonde. Never heard of them before, but the lead female singer had a really ethereal sound. I would say this music resembled Cocteau Twins a little bit.

All in all fun was had, but I need a week to recover.


  1. walter- you should come next year. Last year you missed Trey and WSP, this year the above.. plus I didn't take pictures of the many 'slutty' costumes, like slutty nurse, slutty doctor, slutty cop, slutty girl (there were a lot of those), etc... I think you would enjoy the festival!

  2. Is there camping at Vegoose? Do bands play all night? We have Langerado (the music festival that kinda like the 'opener' of the music season fests during spring break) here in South Florida and while there is camping, all the later shows are in downtown Lauderdale which in my opinion sucks. They should just play all night long on the grounds.

  3. STS9
    Robert Randolph and the Family Band

    You should have seen these three bands, especially RRNFB. They are incredible.

  4. actually, we did listen to RRNFB (and the other two), we just didn't go to that stage and watch those particular shows. But when walking around (and eating corn dogs) you can hear the various shows going on.

    No camping, but Vegas strip hotel deals and shuttles. No shows all night, but 'Vegoose At Night' concert series at Hard Rock, HOB, etc...

  5. I should point out that I did not retouch these sunset photos.